Some Non-Government Organizations for Social Justice and Social Peace in IrelandWhen it comes to social justice and peace in Ireland, there are several things you need to be considered. One of them is the disadvantages of having the rights of justice in the society. And, you are the one who struggles with. We would like to share some non-governemental organizations that combat for your justice and peace as Irish. So, let’s take a look on what non-government organizations that run for social justice and peace.

The Irish Refugeee Council or known as IRC is the non-governmental organization for those who are the participation of refugees. This organization is a membership organization and open to all organizations and individuals who have the same direction with the organization’s objective. Generally, it works on a national level that includes research, networking, legal, information component, as well as policy. The Irish Refugee Council helps to facilities the member of refugees at all the same level in the IRC and follow the community development principle. In addition, older and aging people in Ireland may get less attention than others. Actually, they are one of the community which should receive their right for social justice. If you are the one who want to support them getting their rights. Age Action Ireland is the right place to go. It is a nation non-governmental organization that supports older and aging people. There few important things that are done by this organization. It works as a network of individuals and organizations including carers of older people and older people. The Organization Action Ireland also acts to promote agen judi bola and make better services and policies for older people in the society. So, thus organization can be mentioned as an organization that helps to make better living for aging and older people in Ireland.

National Youth Council of Ireland is the national independent organization for youth voluntary in Ireland. There are several program mes that run in several areas and have been done by the National Youth Council of Ireland including a Child Protection Unit, the National Youth Arts Programme, and the National Youth Development Education Programme. Meanwhile, there is also Amnesty International Ireland is categorized as an international human rights non-govermental organization that is committed to uphold the human right standards’ and the rights in UN Declaration of Human Rights. Programmes includes, research, campaign,preventing abuses to physical and mental integrity, free of discrimination, and all contexts in the human rights.

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