Social Justice Organization for Child and Young People in IrelandActually, there are so many social justice organizations in Ireland, and they commonly work in several areas. In this following article, we would like to share to you several social justice organizations that are committed to protect the rights of child and young people in Ireland. Children and young people are fragile. That is why there are several organizations that focus on they way to protect, improve, and develop their life in society. In addition, some of the organizations also focuses on child’s health. And, for those who are looking for supports or protection for their child, sister, brother or friends, these children and young people can be the right place to go.

For those who have threaten children, Barnardos may be helpful for you. This independent children’s charity community supports children who is areunder threat by campaigning for their rights and by working with their families, communities, as well as the children. You will also get useful resources and training and access to Barnardos library. It also provides training in some areas, to parents, practitioners, carers, teachers, all people who work with children. And, for those who are interested in learning more about the rights of children like teachers, parents, or volunteer, Children’ Rights is the site that provides a wide information about all children rights. The resource holds press release and publications on children’s right for both in a nation or international. In addition, there is also a national charity in Ireland that help children and young people promote personal and social change called SpunOut.Ie. is an online community that offers lifestyle and health information , an alternative youth media space, a youth engagement platform, advocacy, help services and more.

Headstrong is a site that gives support for youth mental health. Here you can also find some useful policies and resources for them and all people who work in the field of youth mental health. Moreover, some of the organizations are established for providing health services for those children who need it. Having a choric disease like cancer may be one of the hardest time in life for children and young people. CanTeen Ireland is there to give a support for children or young people who have and have had cancer. There is also Just for Kids organizations that widely provide information to children and young people about their stay in hospital. Last, actually you can explore more organizations, charity, and communities that focus on children and young people in Ireland.

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