Secret Facts That You Do Not Know About Poverty in IrelandIreland is widely known as one of the fast growing economy country in the United States. But, do you know that there are at least 800000 people live in poverty. According to Social Justice Ireland, the economy in the Ireland is doing well but for lower incomes seems unfair that they are living in poverty. And, social justice organization ever said that one million people in Ireland are experiencing deprivation and a quarter of a million is children. In addition, the number of poverty in Ireland is significantly increasing since the emergence of the recession in 2008. There are situational factors that lead to poverty in Ireland including unemployment, structural economic inequalities, and poor health that lead to a cycle of poverty in Ireland. Here are several facts that you may not know about poverty in Ireland.

According to the Irish National Anti-Poverty Strategy, 800,000 people live in poverty because they are unable to live in a standard of living that is acceptable by Irish society due to their lack of resources. Do you know that about 18 percent of adults living in poverty have jobs? And why do they still live in poverty? The answer is those adults hold jobs, but they do not earn enough salaries that are enough to cover the basic costs of living for themselves and their families. When the rent price is increasing, it means that the prices of other goods may rise as well so poor families cannot cover their basic life necessities. Social Justice Ireland calls them as “the working poor”. They live in a large income gap. According to Social Justice Ireland, the top 10 percent of households can receive about 24 percent of the country’s total disposable income, while the bottom 10 percent of Irish households only receive 3 percents of the income.

Despite the poverty in Ireland, the economic growth is rapidly occurring. Besides, disadvantaged population tends to be in poverty. Like single parent household has bigger risk to live in poverty .Over last year, more than 50,000 jobs were opened and in 2018, the economy growth is increasing about 2-3 percent. In order to combat poverty in Ireland, specific judi bola policies are made by government in order to reduce poverty. The poverty policies mostly address to the areas. lf structural inequity like creating the lowest living wage, so especially “the working poor” can cover the basic standard living cost.

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