European Anti Poverty Network Ireland Helping to Against Poverty In IrelandThe European Anti Poverty Network Ireland is a social justice organization that acts to against poverty in Europe and Ireland. EAPN Ireland is formed of over two hundred local, regional, and national anti-poverty individuals and organization. It supports member to promote national and European policy through networking, collective, information, as well as training. The EAPN Ireland has contributed on anti-poverty policy and projects. It has supported participation in the national.Social Forum. It has also aimed to ensure the effective implementation of the

Sustainanble Development Goals. In addition, the EAPN Ireland also has produced several policies in order to reduce poverty in Ireland and affect to social exclusion.
The European Anti Poverty Networm Ireland also promotes socially inclusive policies either at national or European level. It aims to raise awareness in the necessity of formulating and implementing the policies that against both social exclusion and poverty. The Social Inclusion division also takes a role in moving forward a social Europe and European anti-poverty strategies . EAPN Ireland also acts to create a continuous basis to increase understanding about poverty and social exclusion in Ireland. It helps to raise the awareness in informing the meaning of poverty, how to tackle negative stereotypes of poverty, understanding poverty in Ireland and Europe. In addition, there is also one important tole of EAPN Ireland’s policy that is focused with employment policies in national and European. This judi bola organization believes every working age citizen should get a quality job with decent income. The employment policy consider to several terms in getting people back to work, providing the same opportunities for those who are distant from the labor market, European Union employment strategies.

Moreover, EAPN Ireland also promote the Structural Funds. The Structural Funds were built to help address economic imbalances in the European Union. This Structural Funds focuses kn several matters like what are structural funds, current structural fund programmes, developing structural fund programmes, and resources on structural fund programmes. This social justice organization also have vision to have an active contribution in the future development of the European Union especially in defending poverty in national or Europe. And, the primary concern of EAPN Ireland is that the European Union should optimize its potential for pursuing a social model. The EAPN Ireland as the social justice organization in Ireland also contributes to influence policy and it has been collected a variety of policy resources considering on advocacy and lobbying for non-governmental organizations and voluntary groups.

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